May 23, 2010

Chapter 21

Maddie awoke to the feel of Sidney’s body shifting next to her. He was on his side, one arm angled down across her stomach. She lay on her back in the warm cocoon he created. She cracked an eyelid and sure enough, the Stanley Cup was still next to them in bed. She laughed to herself, shaking her body.

“I’m awake,” Sid whispered.

“So is Stanley,” she said, letting the laugh come out loud.

He rolled her onto her side, spooning against her. One hand ran down the length of her side, over the curve of her hip, onto her leg. He kissed behind her ear. Maddie reached back, traced across his smooth skin and smiled as she smacked his ass.

Sid flipped her onto her stomach. “Didn’t you say something last night about going to Max’s?” he asked, climbing on top of her. The soft mattress cupped as he shifted his weight onto her back. He used his arms to move his body against hers, and pressed his growing erection along the cleft of her bottom. “Still want to leave?” he taunted.

“Hmmm,” Maddie’s voice was muffled into the pillow. “Do I get to take the Cup with me?”

Sid laughed as he reached into his bag at the side of the bed and drew out a condom. He put it on and dragged his fingers along the back of her thigh. He moved them between her legs and felt wet heat. He lowered his body onto her back again, and slid himself inside.

Maddie trembled as he reached into her. From behind, Sidney felt even larger than the first time. She lifted her hips into him, giving herself the ability to match his strokes. He was holding himself above her, bracing his wrists in a push-up position.

Maddie wove her hand between her stomach and the mattress, to her clit. As she touched herself, her body responded to Sidney’s movements in a big way. He read her mind and dropped down to press his chest to her back. She pulled his hand under her, over her own hand, and he traced how she liked to be touched. Moments later, he was handling that himself.

Maddie came first, her body bucking and lifting Sidney’s weight clear off the bed. He held himself inside her as her orgasm rolled from her shoulders through her hips.

“Do… you know… anyone on this floor?” she gasped, her hands twisted in the sheets.

“No,” he grunted, pressing harder from inside and out, making sure she got every ounce of sensation he could give her.

She turned her head from the pillow and screamed his name.

Sidney was laughing and nearly crying when he came. He thrust into Maddie as hard as he could, gripping her hip with one hand and rolling himself down into her. His lips were at her ear, “Yes,” he said, “Yes.”

“Dressed, or do you want to go in the bathroom?” Sid asked as a knock sounded at the door.

Maddie looked at the Cup, then down at herself. She was wearing another set of Sid’s shorts and t-shirt.

“I kinda really want to see this,” she admitted.

Sid unlocked the deadbolt. “Don’t worry, this guy has seen some things.”

Phil Pritchard, Keeper of the Stanley Cup, rolled in with a big case on wheels. Sidney introduced Maddie. They’d moved the Cup from the bed to the floor. Phil pulled on his white gloves and reverentially lifted the Cup into the molded interior of the case. He closed the lid and fastened it with old-fashioned steamer trunk hasps.

“Bye Stanley,” Maddie waved as he wheeled it away.

Maddie shielded her eyes against the desert sun. It was easily 100 degrees and sweat prickled her skin beneath her polo shirt. She took a sip from her water bottle, then pressed the cool plastic to her forehead.

“Honk honk!” Deanne yelled, pulling up in a golf cart. Jordan was in the passenger seat, wearing shorts and cleats. Well, shorts on him. Pants on a regular guy. Three bags of clubs were tied to the back. Sid stopped alongside, driving with Max up front and Kris in the back. Cynthia hopped in next to Kris. Maddie heaved a cooler onto the seat and climbed in behind Jordan.

“Fore,” Max shouted as they drove off.

By the third hole, Kris and Sid were kicking everyone’s asses. Jordan hit huge drives, but the delicate putting game was his weakness. Maddie and Cynthia were a handful of shots behind, and taking advantage of the ladies’ tees. Max hit one into the woods and had taken a beer from the cooler to keep him company on the search. Deanne lounged in the shade of the cart, declining to play and calling herself the designated driver.

Cynthia and Maddie sat on a bench, just off the men's tee. Sid was lining up a shot. He was actually focused on the game, considering angles and wind. Maddie smiled to see how competitive he really was, how much an athlete he was in mind as well as body.

“That is a seriously incredible ass,” Cynthia said. Maddie snorted a laugh. “I see you staring at him, big smile on your face,” she continued. “I’m just saying. That body was built for sin.”

“Oh my God!” Maddie smacked at Cynthia, feigning distress. “You’re totally right. Those thighs….” They were cracking up together as Sid teed off and hit a big drive down the fairway. Deanne and Jordan came up. She smacked him on the ass and he kept moving toward the guys. Twirling around, she dropped onto the bench.

“Okay Maddie, did you or did you not have sex with Sidney Crosby last night?” she asked.

Maddie giggled. “And this morning.” They squealed and high-fived.

Deanne sighed. “I already knew. Jordan asked him this morning.”

“WHAT?!” Maddie was almost out of her seat. “What did he say?”

“Easy, killer. Sid said he doesn’t kiss and tell. Which Jordan of course knew meant that he had scored with you. Boys are not that clever. And Jordan is a perv, so he asked for details. Sid refused to give any, but Jordan said he had a very big smile on his face. So spill it, or we’ll never know.”

Maddie was blushing furiously. “It was epic. And… and he had the Stanley Cup last night. In our room.”

Cynthia screamed and the guys all turned to look at her. She slapped a hand over her mouth. Even Deanne knew that was a big deal.

“You had sex in the presence of the Stanley Cup. With Sidney Crosby,” Cynthia said, with reverence. She laughed. “I bet you're pregnant, and your baby will win 10 Cups while curing cancer and rescuing baby animals, then live forever like the Highlander.”

Kris stepped up to the tee. He’d turned his hat backwards since his blowing hair made golf impossible. Max came jogging up from the woods, brandishing his golf ball for all to see. Kris flexed his legs as he readied himself to swing. Max hitched up the sleeve of his shirt, revealing the tattoo covering his bicep.

“Speaking of ridiculous bodies…” Maddie offered, drawing the attention from herself.

“Hot damn,” Deanne agree. “Oh. I hope you guys don’t have plans for the weekend,” she said nonchalantly, looking away.

Cynthia and Maddie looked at each other. “Why…?”

Deanne spun around, a huge smile on her face. “Jordan changed all of our flights. We’re staying till Sunday!” She made little excited circles with her hands. “Isn’t he sweet? He asked me if we would want to stay, I said yes, and he did everything else. Didn’t tell me till after. Apparently someone on the team travel staff can just do that. How does he even know my last name?”

Maddie bit her lip. “They know mine. We gave it to the reporters. And we’re all on the same reservation.”

“Sneaky…” Deanne said. “And awesome! So surprise. Grocery shopping and cleaning the bathroom will have to wait.”

On the ninth hole, only Sid and Kris still cared about the game. Max and Maddie sat in the second cart, feet propped up and beers open. A curl had escaped from her ponytail. Max reached out and bounced it against her neck.

“The Kid treating you okay?” he asked.

Maddie smiled. “Of course, Max.”

“I know, he’s good people. You did great yesterday. Thank God, because he really likes you.”

She turned to look at him. “Has he ever done this before?”

Max shook his head no. “A couple dates, but nothing serious. He’s too in his head during the season. And he’s too scared of getting screwed over. It happens a lot, and to guys who aren’t half as nice as Sid.”

“You are as nice as Sid, Max,” Maddie smiled.

He gave her a look that said ‘can’t get anything past you’. “I am probably the worst person for the Kid to be around. Girls everywhere, none of them worthwhile, running my mouth all the time.” He took a sip of his drink.

“Max, are you sad?” Maddie sat up and moved closer to him. “I haven’t known you long, but I think you’re a pretty great friend to Sid. To everyone.” She paused.

Max smiled shyly. “Seeing you girls with the guys, having fun – you’re all great, normal girls. That’s what they need. What we all need.” He shrugged. “Now you know my secret.”

Maddie put her arm around Max’s shoulders and leaned into him. “Max Talbot, I like you even more now. A girl would be very lucky to have you,” she squeezed. “And if anyone gives you a hard time, send them my way. I ran off some of Sid’s puckbunnies, I can take care of yours too.”

“I think you’ll have your hands full with his,” he laughed. “But I hear you’re pretty good at it.”

“So what happens now?” Maddie asked.

Max finished his beer. “We have two months till training camp. Everyone will go home, relax and get ready to start again. What will you two do?”

It was Maddie’s turn to shrug. “We haven’t talked about it.”

A smile broke across Max’s face. “You could get married tonight. I do a mean Elvis impression.” He curled his lip and arched his eyebrow. “Uh huh!”

They were cracking themselves up with a round of ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ when Kris and Sid finally finished. Sid announced that he’d won. Kris rolled his eyes, smiling.

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