May 2, 2010

Chapter 2

Maddie stuck her face in the sink, cringing at the cold water. She pulled up and looked in the mirror. Nothing I can really do. I can’t shower and makeup to go to the pool, I’ll look like a tart. She sighed. Oh well, they’re athletes. I doubt a little post-workout grunge will freak them out. And into the pool ASAP. She rubbed on a layer of sunscreen, pulled on her bathing suit and tugged a sundress over her heard. Not really how I’d imagined looking to meet Sidney Crosby.

Of course, Maddie had no idea if Sidney Crosby would be at the pool. She knew he was in town – he was nominated for the Hart Trophy at tomorrow’s NHL Awards Show, and of course the Pens had brought The Stanley Cup to take part in the show.

He could be anywhere right now. Don’t panic. She almost giggled.

The door to the room opened, and Deanne and Erin came in. Deanne was Maddie’s best friend from childhood, Erin a close friend from college. The two had hit it off immediately, as Maddie had assumed they would. They were fast friends and had been shopping while Maddie was at the gym.

“Pool time?” Erin asked.

“Girls, I have gone and done all the hard work for you. All that’s left now is for you to shower me with gratitude and drinks for the rest of the week.” Maddie said, scooping her book into her bag. “Get your suits on, the NHL is waiting for us downstairs.”

Maddie stood still in the center of the room as she said this, both other girls moving around her to get their pool stuff together. When she didn’t move for a minute, Deanne stopped. “What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about the Pittsburgh Penguins. They are in cabana #93, and we have been invited to join them. Now.” She stopped. “Really.”

Intense questioning began, followed by a short period of muffled shrieking. Bathing suits and flip flops flew around the room.

“You are hilarious,” Deanne said. “And I’m going to look like a fraud, because I don’t know who these guys are!”

“You’re our credibility, D,” Erin laughed. “I, on the other hand, may have to drown myself to keep my mouth shut.”

Maddie opened the door to the hallway. “Ladies, let’s get a move on. Vegas waits for no woman.”

Deanne and Erin sped out of the room.

“Where’s Cynthia?” Deanne asked.

“Placing a bet for her mother – some family tradition. She’s at the Monte Carlo. Don’t tell her what’s up, we’ll have her meet us down there and surprise her.” Maddie said.

“More like kill her.” Erin replied.

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