May 3, 2010

Chapter 4

Everyone relaxed around the cabana and started chatting. Erin sat next to Max, gossiping about the cast of characters moving around the pool. Deanne plopped herself next to Jordan, comparing a scar from her knee surgery to one of his. Kris moved around them, tying up all the cabana sides to let in the sun.

“You boys need some sun. You look all Canadian.”

Maddie sat in Geno's empty chair, next to Sid.

“Kris told us you are his number one fan,” Sid smirked.

“Oh yes. We are going to stage a fandemonium incident later. A reenactment, of course. The original took place in the gym, no witnesses.”

Kris sat in front of them, on the table. “Maddie’s going to chase me screaming through the casino. I have a game sweater you can wear, but I wish I had a stick.”

“You’ll have to let us know your route, so we can be standing nearby,” Sid said.

“So you can bail me out of jail,” Maddie laughed.

Geno returned with three drinks, plus a waitress bearing another tray full. Jordan ordered a burger, Sid ordered a turkey sandwich.

“Want something to eat?” he asked Maddie.

“Thanks, but I’m going for a swim.” She stood up. “It’s too hot for me out here.”

Sid stood up too. “I’ll go with you. Don’t want to eat first. I’d cramp up and you’d have to rescue me.” He pantomimed passing out in the pool.

“Yes, I love to taste turkey sandwich when I give someone mouth to mouth.” He laughed.

What am I talking about? At least he laughed. Oh shut up brain! Maddie dug into her pool bag so she could look away.

Jordan, Marc and Erin decided to join them. Geno offered to stay behind and “guard the drinks.”

Maddie caught Deanne’s eye. Deanne gave her a look that said, Get it girl! Maddie almost laughed out loud. Deanne was a wild one, always egging people on toward mayhem. She looked like at the group in the cabana like she couldn’t wait to see the day unfold. Deanne winked at Maddie.

Maddie took a breath and pulled her sundress off over her head. She’d only brought one swim suit with her – it was a bikini. The smallest she’d ever owned. In fact, her ex-boyfriend had bought it for her. And she knew it looked really good. Suddenly though, standing in close quarters with six professional athletes seemed more intimidating than a thousand perfect bodies around the pool. It got quiet in the cabana for a second.

“Damn, Maddie,” Erin said, breaking the momentary pause. “You belong in a rap video. People are going to start ordering drinks from you.”

Maddie blushed crimson and everyone laughed.

“Don’t worry,” Jordan said, striking a pose. “I’ll just flex a lot to distract everyone.”

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  1. Just found your story and I love it! Maddie's so sassy and Kris is, of course, simply adorable.

    "'Don't worry,' Jordan said, striking a pose. 'I'll just flex a lot to distract everyone.'" LOL I can just see it!