May 29, 2010

Chapter 24

“That’s never coming off,” Sid said, running his finger across Kris’ signature on Maddie’s chest.

She looked down, “Yeah, I didn’t really think about that. But it was totally worth it.” They were standing in the elevator lobby, safely out of sight of the casino. It had taken Maddie and Cynthia a full five minutes to stop laughing.

A mirror hung on the wall between elevators, and Cynthia examined the signature on her leg. “I am leaving this on and wearing something short later. I might cross out his number so no one copies it down though.”

Jordan and Deanne came around the corner, followed by Max dragging a very embarrassed Kris.

“Half the people at the table asked Tanger for his autograph!” Max announced.

“At least half give him their room number too. Including the guys.” Erin raised her eyebrows at him.

Kris looked at Maddie and faked a scowl. “I should have signed your face.”

Sid held the gym door open for Maddie. It was empty, as expected. No one was working out on Friday afternoon in Vegas.

“What are we doing here again?” Max asked, coming in behind them with Jordan and Deanne.

“I have a back injury that’s getting stiff,” Maddie said. “And I want to see if I can sweat off Kris’ autograph.” She climbed onto an elliptical runner, and Sid got on the one next to her.

Erin tossed a towel over the nearest machine. “I came to see some showing off, honestly. So get to it.”

Maddie started running, and Sid set his machine to the same resistance and pace as hers. She made a face at him. “I should be on the machine behind you. Much better view.”

Max walked around in front of them. “Allow me to help with that.” He pulled off his shirt, dropped to the floor and starting doing pushups. “Come on, Crosby. Let’s see what you got.”

Sid slowed, shaking his head, and got off the runner. He faced Max, so their heads were pointed toward each other in the aisle in front of Maddie’s machine, and started doing his own pushups.

“Uh uh, Crosby! Shirt off!” Maddie said. He knelt to remove it as Erin stepped onto Sid’s empty elliptical.

“Now this is more like it,” Erin said, opening her water bottle and squirting a shot of water over them.

I’m going to fall off this machine, Maddie thought as she stopped running. The girls just stood there watching. A ridiculous amount of musculature was flexing right before their eyes. Both guys had done at least 25 pushups and showed no signs of slowing. Sidney’s broad, pale back contrasted against Max’s darker skin tone and tattoos. Each of their chests went all the way to the floor before moving up. Erin made a purring noise, probably involuntary.

“Is this what girls like?” Sid asked, trying to look up but failing.

Neither girl could speak.

Deanne squeezed in between the machines. “Wow,” her eyes bugged out. “You guys should start a website. I’d pay twenty bucks a month to watch this.”

“Hey, I can do pushups!” Jordan called from behind them, where he was bench-pressing. Deanne went back to over to him and Jordan racked the weight. He grabbed Deanne, put one hand under her neck and one under her butt and started bench pressing her body.

Max and Sid called it a tie at 50 pushups each. Erin offered to pay them to keep going, and Max promised to give her a private pushup show later.

“Then I’m going to have a real problem keeping my pajamas on tonight,” Erin whispered to Maddie.

Maddie started running in earnest, as she had been when she’d first met Kris. Sid put his shirt back on and joined her. Max picked up a pair of free weights, shirt still off, and started doing bicep curls.

“You’re drooling,” Sid said. Maddie realized she’d been staring at Max.

“Hey, you put your shirt on,” she replied.

Half an hour later, Maddie had run herself out. Sid was breathing hard, but clearly had miles left in him. Maddie slowed to a walk, and Sid started to follow.

“Wait! Just give me two minutes.” She took a seat on the rowing machine behind Sid and admired him as he ran. The lower back of his shirt was dappled with sweat, and the hair along his neckline was damp. His calf muscles were so defined they looked carved into his legs. His powerful, chiseled thighs moved strongly and gracefully with seemingly no effort. His wide shoulders tapered down like a ‘V’ into a hard, narrow waist. And that ass, Maddie thought. Mother of God. Her heart was racing and it had nothing to do with exercise.

Sid concentrated on running evenly, knowing she was watching him. Normally he’d be self-conscious knowing he was being openly ogled from behind. But in this case, he felt he deserved it. He’s been unabashedly drinking in the sight of Maddie’s body for days.

Suddenly she was at his elbow. “Upstairs. Now. I want to lick the sweat off of you.”

Sid jumped off the machine before the pedals could stop moving. Without a word, then ran out of the gym.

Max looked at Erin and cocked an eyebrow suggestively. She shook her head, knowing she’d need a very cold shower to get clean after this workout.

Sidney barely had the door closed before Maddie was all over him. She wrapped her legs around his middle and he pushed her against the wall. The thin mesh of his running shorts kept no secrets and Maddie could feel that he was very into this. She shifted her weight, resting it against his growing erection. For good measure, she bounced a couple of times.

He moaned into her mouth. Pulling her hair tie, he spilled her ponytail. She could taste the salt on his skin. Reaching one foot down to the floor, Maddie uncoiled her arms and pulled Sid’s shirt up his back and over his head. His hands were on her breasts, through her jogging bar. He tugged off her shirt…

“I forgot about that,” he said.

“Agh!” She had also forgotten that Kris’ name was scrawled across her chest. “Let’s see if we can get it off,” she pulled him into the bathroom.

They stepped out of shoes and socks. Sid yanked Maddie’s shorts down in one movement, dropping into a crouch to clear her feet. He ran his palms up her legs and didn’t hesitate. He pressed his tongue right to her flower. She gasped, grabbing two handfuls of his hair. A hand pushed her feet farther apart, allowing Sid to move beneath her.

Maddie shifted her hips, following the rhythm of Sidney’s mouth. He circled his tongue over her lips, dipping the tip into her softness. She sighed and knew he could taste her wetness. He stroked hard twice across the length of her slit, then moved to her clit. He used his tongue to explore the folds of her flesh. An arch of her back told him he’d found the right spot. He sucked and nibbled, even sliding his chin gently around, hoping he had a few hours’ worth of stubble to heighten her experience.

Maddie lifted a leg and put it over his shoulder. Sid took the invitation to slide a finger, then two, inside her. Her juices ran down his hand. He drew in and out while continuing to massage with his mouth. A third finger disappeared into her body. He pressed forward and back, stimulating her alternately from inside and outside.

“Oh my God,” she panted.

He removed his fingers and used his hands to lift her ass onto the edge of the bathroom counter. Pulling her other foot over his shoulder, he shifted his weight until he was angled perfectly toward her dripping peach. He glanced up. Maddie’s head was tossed back. Her breasts bobbed up and down as she writhed against his face.

Maddie’s brain fizzed like a shaken can of soda, and threatened to burst like one. She could feel his tongue, his fingers, his other palm spreading her thighs. She could feel him breathing into her, the heat coursing all the way up her body. Sid trailed a finger along her outer lips – gently, then harder. She whimpered, and he obliged her by sliding his fingers back into her hot, dripping core. Her pussy contracted around him.

He was painfully hard beneath his shorts. Every sensation his hand felt was transmitted by his brain to his cock in anticipation of the next act in this show. He vowed to finish this first, though he was desperate for his own release. She’d give it to him, he knew.

Sid used his middle finger to press highest along the front wall of her darkness. His fingertip brushed the spongy spot that felt slightly raised.

“Yes, yes,” Maddie squealed.

Jackpot, he thought.

He circled the spot, barely touching its edges. At the same time, he lightly grazed her swollen clit. She bucked her hips against him, body begging him to finish what he started. A few more light caresses and he gave in.

He pressed, as hard as he dared, against her spot. That moment he also caught her clit between his lips and sucked hard, pressing tight. Her entire hands were white from gripping the marble beneath her. Her hips moved forward, giving him all of her, pressing into the sensation he was unleashing.

Maddie screamed something vulgar and unintelligible as her whole body jerked.

Sid felt a wave of warmth break from inside her. He eagerly lapped up the spill, moving his fingers ever so gently inside her. She clenched three times onto his fingers, her stomach contracting and her back folding in.

When her orgasm broke, Sid pressed the flat of his tongue over her clit. He felt it pulsing, beating the blood back into her body. Another moment and that subsided as well. He pulled back, wiping his chin for his forearm. Maddie met his eyes. Her hair was tossed and her eyes were heavy with satisfaction and fatigue.

“Let me catch my breath,” she whispered. “And then I am going to pay you back for that.”

Sidney reached into the shower and turned the handle. His cock was throbbing. He hoped Maddie could hurry.

Moments later, she was behind him. Hands went over his back, then around his sides and right to his lap, wrapping her arms around as she went. She slid one, then the other inside the waistband of his shorts.

He sucked in a breath. Maddie felt his abs contract. She wrapped her right hand around his shaft, felt his pulse beating through his whole body. Flicking her wrist, she stroked once along his length. Then, making a V with her first two fingers, she teased the ridge of his head. Her left hand reached down to cup his balls.

“Get in,” he rasped.

Maddie stepped into the shower, letting the warm water course over her. Sid followed right behind. She turned him so his back faced the spray. His body blocked the water from her face as she sank to her knees, smiling up at him.

Sidney put his hands out, steadying himself against the walls. Maddie ran her tongue over his cock, both sides, and then took him in her mouth. He was large, almost too large, and she breathed deep to reach the base. When he was as wet as she had been, Maddie began to move.

She slid her lips along him, the soft flesh of her mouth rounding over his hardness. On her way back, she wrapped her lips over the tip and swirled her tongue around his head. He groaned, pressing out with his hands. Maddie knew he would not last long.

She made a ring with two fingers and pressed it to the base of his penis. With firm, even strokes she took him far into her mouth. Every third stroke, she went all the way to her hand and felt his tip press to the bag of her throat. Sid’s hips bucked. It almost made her gag, but she broke away quickly and resumed her work.

Her other hand stroked his balls, balancing them and tugging lightly downward. They were high and tight in their sac. Not long now, Maddie thought.

One of Sid’s hands grasped Maddie’s hair. He held on, memorizing her pace. Soon he was gently increasing the speed, encouraging her to move faster. She obliged and began sucking, creating a pressure inside her mouth. He swiveled his hips to get closer.

“Fuck,” he grunted.

Maddie continued to move, feeling the pressure building inside Sid. She pressed the tip of her tongue firmly to the ridge along the bottomside of his cock, stroking along his hot spot. That did it. Sid thrust twice, grabbed the back of Maddie’s head with both hands and exploded.

Even with a deep breath in preparation, Maddie nearly choked. Sid released her slightly, but not all the way. She swallowed, then swallowed again as he drained himself inside her.

He sagged against the tile wall. Maddie stood to avoid the water spray. Sid opened his eyes.

“Fucking hell, Maddie,” he breathed. She smiled at him and dragged a finger along her bottom lip, like cat who’d gotten the cream.

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