May 30, 2010

Chapter 25

Maddie was still a little dizzy when she dropped into a pool chair. Sid was right next to her, looking dazed. She languidly turned her head and smiled at him. He lifted his arm up and flexed his bicep.

“All right?” Kris asked, leaning down over her. He touched the scrubbed red skin on her chest.

“It took a while,” she said. Sid snickered.

Maddie had spent 20 minutes scrubbing at the marker with a washcloth. Sid had a stroke of genius and ran to the gift shop for nail polish remover. When Maddie wondered why he knew about nail polish remover, he’d explained that it takes duct tape off just about everything.

“Nail polish remover?” Kris asked Sid.

Erin and Geno came running up, laughing. “We find fun for tonight!” Geno announced. He waved a flyer toward Max. Max snatched it from his hand, read and smiled.

“Oh yes.” He the brochure around for everyone to see.

Stoney’s Rockin’ Country – Grab the Bull by the Horns!

The flyer advertised a country bar with mechanical bull, saddle stools and line dancing. Friday night was “Shorts, Short and Longnecks” – girls in short shorts get in free, guys who buy longnecks get a free shot. “It’s a country bar – dress the part!” it encouraged.

“Yeehaw,” Erin yelled. “I said I was wearing something short!”

Maddie slid her credit card through the reader, signed the screen and picked up her shopping bag. Deanne did the same, and Erin snatched the card from her hand.

“Are you kidding?!” she said, reading it. “You are shopping with Jordan’s credit card?”

Deanne snatched it back. “He really, really wants me to wear boots. Really.”

Maddie zipped her dark denim shorts, thankful she’d packed them. She pulled the brown and red plaid shirt from her bag and removed the tag. Once on, she left an extra button open at the top and rolled up her sleeves. Next came the boots – brown leather cowboy boots with a box heel and little metal toe plate. She tied her hair into messy pigtails to complete the look.

The girls were versions of the same idea. Erin wore a red, short-sleeved camp shirt, white short shorts and black pointed-toe boots. Deanne had on the boots for Jordan – white leather with colored detail patterned across the sides – black shorts and a white top with a deep v-neck and collar. Cynthia had bought a cream-colored button down with gold rodeo trim to go with her khaki shorts. Kris’ signature was still scrawled across her thigh, though she’s removed the phone number with the same nail polish remover trick.

The elevator lobby seemed like a runway. They kept coming down in a group, with the group of guys waiting for them. Today, it was quite the show. The casino was full of girls in short dresses and heels, but no one else looked like the cast of ‘The Dukes of Hazzard.’

“Wooot!” Jordan yelled when he saw the boots. He picked Deanne up like a football and swung her around. He was wearing a gray shirt with the collar open, jeans and work boots.

The boys were all dressed the part as well. Max’s shirt was wide black and teal plaid over a white t-shirt and jeans. Kris wore a borrowed red check shirt – it was half a size too small and looked perfectly country. Even Geno was in on it, in a black button down tucked into jeans. Sid had on a blue and white plaid shirt with stitching and detail across the shoulders and back. His sleeves were rolled up over his thick forearms.

“Mmm, pigtails,” he said, hugging Maddie.

“Your jeans could be tighter,” she put a hand on his ass. “Like cowboy.”

“Free, free, free, free,” the bouncer counted off the girls as they pranced through the door. The guys each paid a cover and got a free drink ticket.

The bar was jumping. They were well off the strip and much of the crowd looked local. A line dancing lesson was wrapping up on the dance floor and the mechanical bull was spinning, empty and beckoning. Claiming a section of the bar, everyone ordered a longneck beer. The guys got free shots, and they ordered extras for the girls.

“Save a horse, ride a cowboy!” Erin toasted and they drained their shots.

Maddie pulled out a stool with a saddle for a seat. She swung her leg over and straddled it.

“Nope,” Max and Sid both called immediately, reaching to stand her up.

“No sitting like that in shorts, unless you want to have sex in the bathroom,” Sid said.

“With both of us,” Max added.

Maddie slapped the table. “I may die,” she said, gasping for breath.

“They should add this to team training, like a footwork drill,” Erin wheezed.

Jordan and Geno were line dancing. It was even better than Irish step-dancing the night before. The guys were sandwiched between Deanne and about 25 girls who had run into formation the second Geno touched the floor. They were stepping and kicking and turning at different times, to different beats, and not a single one of them cared. Jordan twirled the wrong way and Deanne ducked to avoid his arm.

Max returned with fresh beers and Sid behind him juggling four shot glasses. They took a moment to absorb the awe-inspiring sight of Staal and Malkin doing the Watermelon Crawl.

“I would buy this bar to get my hands on the security camera footage of this,” Sidney raised his glass. They all toasted and drank.

As the song ended, Sid took Maddie’s hand and headed for the dance floor. Keith Urban’s ‘Kiss a Girl’ came on next. He swung her in close and moved.

“Who knew you could two-step?” Maddie was impressed.

Max and Erin moved in next to them. Of course Max could dance. Anything involving pelvic movements was right in Max’s wheelhouse. He twirled Erin around, then reeled her in and held her close. She was giggling.

“That’s cute,” Maddie told Sid. “Max is making a play for Erin, I like it. It’s probably killing him not to window shop in a bar full of women.”

Sid laughed. “He’s not all that bad, you know. He used to be crazier. Now… now he’s a little jealous I think.”

A few songs later, Deanne wriggled through the crowd. “You guys better come quick!” And she was off.

They found her at the mechanical bull pen. Inside, Jordan was ditching his shoes. Geno stood at the railing, surrounded by all 25 girls from the line dance. Someone hilariously cued up “Ring of Fire” as Jordan climbed on the bull. Kris and Cynthia came running up just in time.

“Is there a list of things you’re not supposed to do in the off-season?” Erin asked.

“Jordan did all those things in the first week,” Kris said. “And no one thought to list this one.”

The bull started to move slowly. Increasing speed, it circled to the left. Then it began tiling backward and forward. The tempo picked up till it was doing all three at once. Then faster. Jordan’s legs were so long they went almost completely around and under the bull. Between that and the strength in his thighs from skating every day, he was able to hold on to the covered frame. He waved one hand over his head like a rodeo cowboy as the bull bucked. The ride operator was really trying to throw him now, but no luck. Jordan held fast to that bull until the crowd counted out the last of the 30 second ride.

Deanne climbed up the fake fence and jumped on Jordan. He caught her then fell back into the inflatable mattress. Everyone whooped and hollered as he carried her out of the ring.

“Another reason to buy this place,” Sid said.

More beers were ordered, and the free shots kept coming. Maddie tasted the quality degrading – fresh, sober customers got decent liquor, the drunker ones got rack labels and plastic handle varieties. Not that they complained. They were all well and truly drunk. Cynthia disappeared, and came back smiling.

“They’re going to play us a song.” She winked.

Thirty seconds later, Maddie guffawed. That is the only word to describe what happens to drunk girls when a packed bar starts playing “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk.” Without question the most ridiculous song in history, but also a fantastic country bar dance anthem.

Jordan shouted Max’s name and pointed. Max nodded and immediately began clearing bottles and glasses from the closest table. Jordan did the same on the other side. When he was done, he picked Deanne up and set her atop the table.

“Dance!” he yelled.

It was low, broad picnic table-type piece. Cynthia kicked the bench, decided it was sturdy and climbed up next to Deanne. Maddie was watching this when she felt herself being pulled. Erin was already dancing on the table behind her. She grabbed Maddie’s hand and hauled her up.

Maddie stepped right into Erin and they started dancing together. At the foot of the table, Max was smiling and Sid had his mouth open. Maddie turned around and shook her ass right into Erin’s lap. Erin leaned back and slapped it. They went for it, pulling every semi-stripper move they knew. Maddie silently thanked her cowboy boots for not being stiletto heels. Max made it halfway through the song before he jumped on the table and squished himself between them. He faced Erin, grabbed her hips and ground up against her. Maddie held onto his shoulders and pressed against his back.

Sid considered for a moment, but knew there was no way the table would hold them all. So he took out his wallet, peeled off a bill and waved it at Maddie. She turned around, stuck out her ass and dropped as low as she could while still dancing. He tucked the $20 halfway into the back pocket of her shorts.

As the song was ending, a waitress appeared. She handed each of the girls a fresh beer. “From the bartenders. They say ‘thanks for the show!’”

Maddie leaned against a wooden table on the porch, fanning her face. She was flush and sweating from dancing in the rowdy crowd of people. The outdoor breeze ruffled her pigtails.

“Woooo,” Sid took a seat. He patted his knee for Maddie to sit, then stopped.

“RIP, chair from last night,” she laughed, and got her own. She put her heels on his knee instead, admiring her new boots.

Sid leaned forward. “Will you come on an adventure with me tomorrow morning? Just us?”

Maddie nodded. She’d been thinking that tomorrow was their last full day in Vegas, and might be their last real day together. They hadn’t said anything about anything after that. They barely knew anything about each other. Well, she knew some things about him, but was famous. That was cheating.

“Sid, do you want to know where I live?” she asked.

“DC,” he answered. “Don't let Ovechkin find out. And you’re in PR. Which explains how you handled the press so well.”

Maddie raised her eyebrows at him.

“I asked Cynthia. You know some stuff about me, so I learned about you. At least the basics.” He sipped his beer. “I also know that you have an electric toothbrush and you smell like pomegranates. Those things Cynthia did not mention.”

“Anything else?”

He shrugged. “I know DC is only 250 miles from Pittsburgh.”

“Someone has been doing their homework.”

Sid traced his hand along Maddie’s calf and under her knee. “You have no idea.”

Maddie caught Erin’s arm in the hotel lobby. “Try to keep your pajamas on,” she said quietly.

They both looked at Max. He was ten steps away leaning on a table – dark, handsome and looking like he’d just had a roll in the hay that could be topped only by the one he planned to give you in 5 minutes.

“I have already lost that battle,” Erin declared.

"Keep the pigtails," he said.

Sid lifted the covers and Maddie climbed in next to him. It was 2 AM – an early night for this trip. They were tired and drunk, but the warmth of his skin had a magical healing affect on her.

She pulled in close and pressed her hand on his stomach. He lay back, letting her trace her fingers over the rise and fall of his abs. She grazed over his ribs, his pecs, his nipples. She crossed his lower stomach, the points of his hipbones, the indentations of his directional muscles. As she brushed below his belly button, she felt his body react.

Maddie rose on to her knees and lifted one over Sidney’s lower body. She sat down on his stomach, her ass barely too high to touch his penis. He put his palms to her breasts and stomach. She took one of his hands and slid each finger slowly between her lips.

By the time he was rubbing her thighs, Maddie was ready. She reached behind her butt and stroked him. As he swelled, his tip reached the cheek of her ass and pushed insistently into her flesh. She lifted her hips and guided him inside her wetness in a single push.

They’d been so hungry for each other the past few times they’d been together. Everything was still new. This time held the promise of learning and exploring.

Sidney reached for Maddie, but she pressed his hands down from her body. He cocked an eyebrow as if to say ‘have it your way’ and placed his hands behind his head. His smirked dared her to have her way with him.

Maddie did exactly that. She moved up and down on his cock, shifting angles to feel how and where he pleased her most. Moving her hips and watching his face, she also learned how best to please him. She leaned down, skimming her breast across his chest. His eyes asked permission to touch her, but she denied it. Instead she rolled her back, pressing down onto him from a different position. As he lifted his lower body to reach deep inside her, she gently sucked on his lower lip.

Maddie arched her back away from him and discovered that Sidney liked to be dominated, at least lightly. He was enjoying being toyed with. She placed her hands on the wall above his head, giving herself leverage to press down on him. Very slowly, she began moving her body to take all of him in on each stoke. She carefully timed a squeeze of her pussy so he felt every inch of himself drawing slowly out of her body.

When Sidney started to breath unevenly, and the look in his eyes grew foggy, Maddie changed her approach. The first time, he went with it. The second time drew a curse.

“Jesus, Maddie. You are killing me,” he croaked.

“You love it,” she said. “Or at least this part of you does.”

She slid off and changed spots. Bending his knees so his feet were flat on the bed, Maddie turned and placed one knee on the outside of his body and one between his feet, with his bent knee near her breasts. She was now turned halfway away from him. With a flick of her hips, he was back inside her to the hilt. This position allowed Maddie to swivel her hips in a wider arc, as well as pleasure herself with pressure from Sidney’s thigh between her legs.

Sidney view was now of her ass, moving up and down on his cock, as well as her lower back, arching and curling. He could see the line of her abs and curve of her stomach. Hidden from his sight, he felt her clit brushing against his inner thigh as she drew up and down on his body. Still he lay on his hands.

Maddie held off her own orgasm as long as she could. When Sidney started gulping air again, she pulled almost completely off of him. Extending as high as she could on her knees, she slid up and down, moving just the tip of his penis into her again and again. Her flesh caught the ridge of his head, flicking the raised ring of his skin against her tender entrance. Over and over she did this, feeling her nerve endings shudder and savoring the delicious promise of his entire length filling her. She pressed against his thigh and quickly felt herself getting lightheaded. Rocking a few more times, she’d had all she could take.

With a whimper, she dropped down onto the full heft of his rock hard cock. As he pushed against her walls, forced himself into every ounce of space, Maddie’s body released. Like a flash of lightning, all her muscles seized and then spasmed. She arched her back, drawing every last sensation from it. Her nails dug into his leg, her head dropped back and she cried out.

Sidney came at the same time. From being teased at the tip to being fully enveloped, his eyes rolled back and his body twitched. His hands came free as a reflex, pressing Maddie’s hips down against him and holding her still. She squeezed a few times, prolonging his tension. Finally she dropped against him, one shoulder to his chest.

“Let’s just stay here tomorrow,” he panted. “And do that again.”

Maddie giggled. “I probably can’t walk anyway.”


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